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The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is the leading youth Charity that gives all young people the chance to develop skills for work and life, fulfil their potential and have a brighter future.

Vango is proud to be an official manufacturer of Recommended Kit for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Knowing the right kit to buy for DofE expeditions can often be the first challenge faced by participants. To make this easier, Vango and the DofE work together to produce a range of Vango products which meet the DofE’s high standards in terms of quality, safety and durability. Both Vango and the DofE conduct extensive field testing on our kit and have earmarked these products as being performance led, easy to use and suitable for the variable conditions encountered by DofE participants and Leaders.

The Vango range of DofE Recommended Kit includes tents, rucsacs, sleeping bags and sleeping mats. Trangia cook kits are also part of the Recommended Kit list.

Look out for the DofE logo on the Vango website. Not only will you know you are getting great quality products, but for every item purchased, Vango will pay a royalty back to the DofE Charity to help their work with more young people.

Click here to visit DofE recommended kit on the Vango website
Click here to visit the DofE website